The grand wedding of the beautiful couple- Sania & Bilal by DANS

09.02.23 07:30 AM By Jyothi
Sania and Bilal's wedding celebration was attended by over 1000 guests and 6 days of celebration at different locations! With the participation of more than 100 artists and a VIP guest list, their wedding re-introduces the concept of the traditional, elegant Indian wedding.

Sania Mulk's (bride) dream wedding ceremonies with Bilal Khalid Ahmed (groom), took form over a year of thorough planning and organizing. Guests flew in from all over the world for Sania and Bilal's destination wedding, including celebrities and VIPs. The Royal family, His Highness, and many more were also a part of the great celebration.

The grand wedding began with a welcome dinner for all the guests which was themed ‘Chandni Raat’. To compliment the brilliant evening, guests were elegantly dressed in whites and silver. The Chandni Raat Dinner was hosted at The Mulk Residence in Dubai's Al Barari neighborhood. Sania, the gorgeous bride, entered with her beloved bridesmaids along with our graceful DANSers in LED dresses representing the Chaandni Raat theme. As the guests watched the amazing dancing fountain performance, our Bride made her way towards her fiancé. 

The following day, the Manjay ceremony began from the bride’s side, taking place at Al Barari itself. As the stunning Bride moved towards the magnificent garden, where she was covered with a floral chaadar in colors of orange, yellow, and gold. Sania then went through the Manjay ceremonies with her close relatives, who decked her with jewels and showered her with fresh flower petals.

The Madinat Jumeirah location was chosen for their Sangeet evening and the theme for the night was Aladin. The Mehendi-Sangeet Party at Madinat Jumeirah's beautiful Fort Island was influenced by the 1001 Arabian Nights and transformed. Celebrity Gauhar Khan, and Yasir Hussain, were addressed to the guests and made their Filmfare arrival. The sisters of the groom entered like pure royalty. One of the many highlights of the evening was the entrance of the groom, who arrived in a regal manner with his LED drum band, special effects, and a parade of groomsmen thanks to DANS. 

Sania made a magnificent arrival in an abra, a royal boat, followed by a parade of 12 boats and stunningly dressed dancers. It was a very amazing sight to witness! The surprises of the evening continued as the next act left everyone in awe. The highly skilled Indian dancer Parvati began the Royal Kishti performance, which was a ceremonial exchange of gifts between the two families. She was undoubtedly one of the shining stars of the night!

At last, the eagerly anticipated night arrived: the Royal Mughal Baraat Raat. Over 50 soldiers lined up on both sides, inspired by Mughal times, greeted the guests. The venue was decorated with hundreds of fresh roses. The smell of roses was all around the stunning stadium. The Baraat, which lasted for an hour, showcased talent from all over the world, with performances, stunts, and various experiences for guests to enjoy. The dancers played a leading role in the procession, guiding the Baraat forward. During the bride’s entry, lights dimmed, as the dancers made their way into the room, they performed a captivating dance routine. 

Soon after, Sania arrived, accompanied by her graceful Dancers, with a 5-meter veil trailing behind her. She was stunning in her Mughal Wedding Dress, and Bilal made his way to the center of the floor to meet her. They were surrounded by beautiful flowers, symbolizing their love for each other. He lifted her veil, and they exchanged their vows. Afterwards, Bilal brought Sania up on stage to continue the celebration. The evening had only just begun, and a series of spectacular acts were in store to make the night memorable. Sara Loren, one of Pakistan's most brilliant dancers, ascended the stage and stunned everyone with her grace.

The big fat Indian wedding was a success since the performances and ambiance of the activities wowed the guests, celebrities and the bride and groom. The DANS crew was thrilled for arranging all of the performances, dancers, and costumes.